Woman welcomes sextuplets in Abuja after 13 years of childlessness


In a remarkable turn of events, Precious Ifeanyi, a businesswoman, celebrated the birth of sextuplets at the National Hospital in Abuja after 13 years of marriage. The 30-week Caesarean Section delivery brought four girls and two boys into the world. Initially anticipating quintuplets, Mrs. Ifeanyi was surprised to learn during delivery that she had six babies. Married since 2010, the couple faced challenges conceiving and embarked on various fertility treatments. Mrs. Ifeanyi opted for In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) for the first time, starting at Fertile Ground Hospital in Jos and concluding at the National Hospital, Abuja.

Reflecting on the 13-year journey, Mrs. Ifeanyi shared the emotional and financial hardships endured. Despite experiencing miscarriages and unsuccessful attempts to conceive, the couple persisted in their desire for children. The first-time mother emphasized the physical challenges of the pregnancy, expressing gratitude for the support received from Dr. Bello. Mrs. Ifeanyi advised women facing similar struggles to trust in God. While celebrating the unexpected blessing, she appealed for financial assistance to support the family in caring for the sextuplets. The husband, a pastor with Living Faith Church in Kogi State, shares in the joy, and medical professionals continue to monitor the babies’ progress.

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