“You Have Deceived me, This Is Not The Woman I Married ” Man Dumped New Wife On Their Honeymoon After Seeing Her Identity Without Make-up For The First Time & Did Not Recognize Her


The incident described in the article highlights an unusual situation where a groom filed for divorce shortly after their wedding. According to a psychotherapist who provided counseling to the woman involved, the groom decided to end the marriage after seeing his wife without makeup for the first time.

The groom reportedly felt deceived, as he believed that his wife’s appearance was significantly different without her makeup. He perceived her use of makeup, including fake eyelashes, as an attempt to mislead him. The woman sought counseling from Dr. Molapo, a consulting psychologist, to help her cope with the emotional pain following the divorce.

It is mentioned that the bride’s makeup washed away while they were swimming on their honeymoon, and the groom claimed that he hardly recognized his wife without her usual cosmetic enhancements. Prior to the wedding, the bride had undergone cosmetic procedures and regularly wore makeup, which made her appearance different from her natural state.

According to the woman, she had intended to be honest with her husband about her appearance, but it seems the revelation came too late. Despite efforts to reconcile the couple, the groom firmly pursued the divorce and declined any attempts to salvage the relationship.

This story serves as a reminder of the importance of open communication, understanding, and acceptance within a relationship. It also highlights the potential impact of societal expectations of beauty and the significance some individuals place on physical appearance.

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